Wat Thamtapan        Wat Thamtapan

Wat Thamtapan      Wat Thamtapan

Wat Thamtapan is in Phang Nga town which is about 1.5 hours drive from Phuket and this would have to be the strangest Temple I have ever been in! There are shocking displays of what Hell would be like, plus a nice display for Heaven! It is definitely not suitable for children as there are some quite horrifying images.

There is a massive dragon and you enter through his mouth, when you come out at the other end you are in Hell, there is also another area down a small dirt track and you enter a beautiful cave with little bridges that cross a small river inside, however it was so muddy due to rain that we could not walk down to the bridges. 

Wat Thamtapan        Wat Thamtapan

Once you come out of the Hell section you will see animal statues, head to the right and you will enter Heaven where everything is much prettier!

I have never seen such gruesome statues and they are huge, much bigger than me.  There is really not much I can say about this place, I will let the photos tell the story.

We have since found out that there are quite a few Temples like Wat Thamtapan scattered across Thailand.

Entry is free and we enjoy taking friends and family here as they have no idea what they are about to see!

Just keep driving through Phang Nga Town and on the left you will see Soi Thamtapan which is just past the hospital, the Temple is about half a kilometer down the Soi.

Wat Thamtapan        Wat Thamtapan