Thongs are everywhere - 100 - 150baht               Phuket fluoro shorts - Jinda's shop 100baht

Central Festival Shopping Centre - FCUK Top 834baht                                       Central Festival Shopping Centre - Guy Laroche Top 900baht

This is just a guide to prices only, some of the prices are what we have paid and some are from other peoples reports. So if you pay more or less for something, it doesn't matter.

 Just remember, sometimes you are squabbling over cents, is it really worth doing that?

The best way to get a bargain is never lose your cool or raise your voice, always bargain with a smile and a few words of Thai will not go astray and your attempts will be much appreciated.

There is also a link to a much bigger current Price Guide which is printer friendly at the bottom of this page, plus a slide show with lots of photos of various shopping and the prices paid for the items.


Phuket night markets 300baht                             

T Shirt's & Singlets Billabong, Diesel etc150 - 200baht

Hipster Shorts - 100 baht

Board Shorts, Billabong etc  200 - 300 baht

Phuket T Shirts - 100baht

La Coste & Polo Shirts, Big Sizes - 150 - 200 baht

Wrap around Skirt Pants (3/4 length) - 200 baht

Roxy, Billabong Bikinis - 300 baht

Mens Swimmers - 200 baht

Sarongs - 100 baht

Lonsdale T Shirts - 200 baht

Sunglasses (all brands)  70 - 200 baht

DVD movies - 60 baht

CD Music - 60 baht

 Watches (cheap quality) - 200 baht

Men's automatic watches Rolex etc  1000 - 1500 baht

Mozzie Zapper tennis racquets 100 - 150 baht

Surf Wallets - 200 baht

Backpacks medium size 100 - 500 baht

LV plastic shoulder bag - 300 baht

Thai Elephant bags (small) - 100 baht

Nice ladies shoes in shops at Big C - 199 baht

LV Umbrella - 280 baht

Girls tops, Billabong etc - 150 baht

Golf Shirts - 200 baht

Belts copy names - 200 baht

Caps copy names - 100 - 150 baht

Ladies Singlet tops 150baht each - there are very good quality ones for 200baht in back rooms.                All style bikinis - 300-400baht

Mens Billabong Shirts - 280baht                Mens big size singlet tops - 170 - 200baht

Pashmina's - 100 baht

Dresses & Skirts (short) - 200 - 300 baht

Kids T Shirts - 120 - 150 baht

Kids Shorts - 150 - 180 baht

Women's singlet tops, (Dolce&Gabbana) - 100 baht

Beaded Thongs - 100 baht

Diesel Leather Sandals, good quality - 500 baht

Roxy Shoe String Strap Tops - 150 - 200 baht

Diesel Plastic Sandals,  bad quality - 250 baht

Chanel & Playboy Halter Neck Tops - 200 baht

Haviana Thongs - 100 - 150 baht

LV Wallet - 300 baht

Gas novelty lighters - 100 baht

LV Beach Towel - 300 baht

Von Dutch & Diesel Bags - 300 - 450 baht

LV Overnight Bag (large) - 1500 baht

Good quality copy handbags - up to 1500baht

LV cigarette case with gas lighter - 150 - 200 baht

Silk Cushion Covers - 100 baht

Silk Table Runners  100 - 150 Baht

Medium size bedspread, tablecloth with fringe 300 baht

Reebok Shorts - 450baht

All novelty lighters - 100baht                Dolce & Gabbana Handbag - 1400baht

Nike Shox - 1500baht                Nike Shox - 1500baht


You can buy alcohol at most of the little local supermarkets and all of the major ones. 
There is also a good distributor up Rat-U-Thit Rd past the Patong Merlin called Patong Whisky. 

Its on the other side of the road, look for the huge sign on top of a building on the corner advertising a cosmetic surgeon, go down that lane and its down a bit on the right. They also have a big selection of wine and beers. 
Its a great place to buy in bulk if you are staying for awhile.

Prices are also good in supermarkets such as Big C & 7/11 shops.

Another very good one for spirits and wine is the Deli Supermarket up the northern end on Rat-U-Thit Rd not far past Nicky's Handlebar, they have a huge selection of wines.

I have recently priced lots of various wines, beers and spirits from a couple of different places in Phuket, so click on the link below for a printer friendly list of alcohol prices. There are also quite a few photos showing various alcohol prices from Big C & the Deli Supermarket in the slide show below.

Click here for 2014 Phuket Alcohol Prices - Printer Friendly Version

Click here for 2014 Phuket Shopping Price Guide - Printer Friendly Version